Author = M. Moallem
Number of Articles: 4
1. Designing a Genetic-Fuzzy Anti-Lock Brake System Controller (RESEARCH NOTE)

Volume 18, Issue 2, May 2005, Pages 197-205

A. Mirzaei; M. Moallem; B. Mirzaeian

3. A Fuzzy Expert System for Predicting the Performance of Switched Reluctance Motor

Volume 14, Issue 3, August 2001, Pages 229-238

C. Lucas; M. Moallem; B. Mirzaeian

4. a Simple Speed Control Technique and Pulsating Torque Elimination Method in a Brushless Dc Motor

Volume 13, Issue 2, May 2000, Pages 19-26

M. Moallem; M. A. Azami; Jawad. Faiz