Volume & Issue: Volume 31, Issue 1, TRANSACTIONS A: Basics, January 2018 
4. Synthesis and Characterization of Porcelain Body Developed from Rice Husk Ash (TECHNICAL NOTE)

Pages 25-31

Aungkan Sen; Tasmia Zaman; Mst. Sharmin Mostari; Md. Rahat Al Hassan

6. Random Vortex Method for Geometries with Unsolvable Schwarz-Christoffel Formula

Pages 38-44

Behrooz Zafarmand; Issa Tadayoni Navaei; Hamid Ajdari

14. Quality Factor of Free In-plane Vibration of a Fully Clamped Rectangular Micro-plate

Pages 96-103

Shakiba Dowlati; Ghader rezazadeh; Soleiman Azizi; Saber Najafi

18. A Low Cost Numerical Simulation of a Supersonic Wind-tunnel Design

Pages 128-135

Hamed Bagheri Esfe.; Mojtaba Dehghan Manshadi

20. Comparison of the hyperbolic range of two-fluid models on two-phase gas -liquid flows

Pages 144-156

Mohammad Naghashzadegan; Hosein Zolfaghary Azizi; Vahid Shokri

24. Improvement of Cement Properties Using a Single Multi-functional Polymer

Pages 181-187

Ekaterina Leusheva; Nikolay Nikolaev; Seyyed Shahab Tabatabaee Moradi