Volume & Issue: Volume 30, Issue 10, TRANSACTIONS A: Basics, October 2017 
5. Reconstitution of Sand Specimens Using a Rainer System

Pages 1451-1463

Mahmood Abdollahi; Jafar Bolouri Bazaz

8. An Architecture for Security and Protection of Big Data

Pages 1479-1486

Fatemeh Asadi; Hojatollah Hamidi

18. Variational Iteration Method for Free Vibration Analysis of a Timoshenko Beam under Various Boundary Conditions

Pages 1565-1572

Mohammad Heidari-Rarani; Masood Ghassabi; Keivan Torabi; Davood Sharifi

20. Effect of Blade Design Parameters on Air Flow through an Axial Fan

Pages 1583-1591

Sarina Farzam Alipour; Roohollah Rafee; Nima Rajabi

24. Designing a High Resistant, High-torque Downhole Drilling Motor (RESEARCH NOTE)

Pages 1615-1621

Kseniya Syzrantseva; Vladimir Syzrantsev; Mikhail Dvoynikov