Volume & Issue: Volume 32, Issue 8, TRANSACTIONS B: Applications, August 2019 
2. Chemical Composition, Antibacterial and Analgesic Activity of Lavandula stoechas Flowers from North of Iran

Pages 1065-1073

Maryam Khavarpour; Seyed Mohammad Vahdat; Sohrab kazemi; Ali Akbar Moghadamnia; Omolbanin Hasanzadeh; Z. Salimi; N. Rahmanpour

8. A High Gain Bipolar Pulse Generator with Low Voltage Input Source

Pages 1126-1133

Hosein Gholamalitabar; Jafar Adabi firouzjaee; Mohamamd Rezanejad

11. Investigating The Effects of Modem Electromagnetic Waves (2.4 GHz) on Electroencephalogram

Pages 1155-1162

R. Javanrouh Givi; A. Aminian Modarres; M. Kafaee Razavi

12. A Novel Metamaterial Microelectromechanical Systems Phase Shifter with High Phase Shift and High Bandwidth

Pages 1163-1168

A. Razeghi; B. Azizollah Ganji; A. Abdipour; R. A. Jafari-Talookolaei

15. Addressing a Coordinated Quay Crane Scheduling and Assignment Problem by Red Deer Algorithm

Pages 1186-1191

Masoud Fazli; Amir Mohammad Fathollahi-Fard; Guangdong Tian

16. Integrated Competitive Pricing and Transshipment Problem for Short Life Cycle Products’ Supply Chain

Pages 1192-1199

Alireza Taheri-Moghadam; Jafar Razmi; fariborz Jolai; Ata Allah Taleizadeh

19. An Uncertainty-based Transition from Open Pit to Underground Mining

Pages 1218-1224

ali soltani Khaboushan; Morteza Osanloo