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Volume 31 , Number 9 , September  2018

Civil Engineering    
A. Moussa and
M. Salah
Formulation of an explicit numerical approach for a large number of cycles Article in Press
684 - 693
Ahmed M. Mosa,
I. Taha and
L. Salem
1199 - 1207
A. Ardeshir,
P. Farnood Ahmadi and
H. Bayat
A prioritization model for HSE risk assessment using combined failure mode and effect analysis, and fuzzy inference system-A case study in Iranian construction industry Article in Press
1208 - 1216
Chemical Engineering    
M. Arjmandi,
M. Pourafshari Chenar,
M. Peyravi,
M. Jahanshahi,
Ali Shokuhi Rad and
A. Arjmandi
Interpreting the CO2 adsorption on functionalized organic group of IRMOF-1: A B3LYP DFT based study Article in Press
1190 - 1198
Computer Engineering    
K. P and
K. Anuradha
Study and analysis of a simple self cascode RGC amplifier (TECHNICAL NOTE) Article in Press
1226 - 1234
F. Parandeh and
A. Kahatibi Bardsiri
Detecting Fake Websites by Using Swarm Intelligence Mechanism in Human Learning Article in Press
1235 - 1243
Electrical Engineering    
S. Masomi,
M. Reza Feyzi,
M. B. Bannae Sharifin and
S. Tohidi
Sensorless Model Predictive Force Control with a Novel Weight Coefficients for 3-Phase 4-Switch Inverter Fed Linear Induction Motor Drives Article in Press
1253 - 1261
Industrial Engineering    
S. A. Torabi,
A. Shamekhi Amiri and
R. Ghodsi
A possibilistic bi-objective model for a competitive supply chain network design under variable coverage Article in Press
1271 - 1279
A. H. Safaei Ghadikolaei,
Z. Akbarzadeh,
M. Madhoushi and
H. Aghajani
A hybrid FMCDM model based on fuzzy DEMATEL with fuzzy ANP and ISM for prioritizing LARG Supply Chain Practices (RESEARCH NOTE) Article in Press
1280 - 1288
Material Engineering    
W. Lin,
Hui Wang and
Y. Zhang
Comparison of two computational microstructure models for predicting effective transverse elastic properties of unidirectional fiber reinforced composites Article in Press
1289 - 1297
N. Sofyan,
Aga Ridhova,
R. A. Nugraha,
A. H. Yuwono and
A. Udhiarto
Characteristics of Polyaniline/Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanocomposite as Protective Coating and Catalyst in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Counter Electrode Deposited on AISI 1086 Steel Substrate Article in Press
1298 - 1306
Mining Engineering    
Xin Wang,
Lei Zhang and
Kai Zhang
The application of ground penetrating radar on coal-rock interface detection Article in Press
1334 - 1342
Computer Engineering - Computer    
Jitendra V. Tembhurne and
S. Sathe
Multi-precision Integer Multiplication for Cryptosystem (RESEARCH NOTE) Article in Press
516 - 525
Electrical Engineering    
S. Shojaabadi,
M. Jokarzadeh,
V. Talavat,
M. Namdari and
Combined Genetic Algorithm and Monte Carlo Simulation to Wind Power Generation Planning in Distribution Networks Based on Time-of-Use Rate Demand Response Program under Load and Price Uncertainties Article in Press
1185 - 1193
D. Nath and
S. Pradhan
LDO Based Noise Minimization of Active Mode Power Gated Circuit Article in Press
1194 - 1202
S. Mavaddati
Voice-based Age and Gender Recognition using Training Generative Sparse Model Article in Press
1343 - 1351
T. DEB and
A. Siddiqui
A Meta Heuristic Approach to Congestion Mitigation through Optimal Placement of IPFC Article in Press
566 - 575
Mechanical Engineering    
Mohamed Amine Khaled Benalouach,
A. Sahli and
Flow seals parameters analysis for rotors Article in Press
1307 - 1315
A. Rezaei and
M. Sadeghi
Analysis of Aeolian Vibrations of Transmission Line Conductors and Extraction of Damper Optimal Placement with a Comprehensive Methodology Article in Press
1325 - 1333
M. Heidari
Double fuzzy C-means model for fault diagnosis of bearings Article in Press
1293 - 1301
W. Li,
S. Deng,
J. Wang and
W. Zhang
Research on Dynamic Stiffness of Integrated Squirrel-Cage Supporting Ball Bearing Article in Press
756 - 765
M. S. Mirzajani Darestani
Simulation of single-axis force stabilizer behavior in open loop and closed loop conditions according to its equations of motion Article in Press
776 - 785

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