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1 OMS-18-777 A Novel Metamaterial MEMS Phase Shifter with High Phase Shift and High Bandwidth Bahram Azizollah Ganji, Alieh Razeghi July 05, 2019  
2 OMS-18-1801 Numerical and experimental investigation of motor pressure effect on thermochemical erosion of Graphite nozzle in solid fuel engines Eisa Daneshfar, Mohammad Mehdi Doustdar, Mohammad Aminy, Hamid Fazeli July 05, 2019  
3 OMS-19-153 Seismic yield displacement profile in steel eccentrically braced frames Hamed Saffari, Mohammad Javad Zahedi July 05, 2019  
4 OMS-19-176 Influence of water cooling on orthogonal cutting process of Ti-6Al-4V using Smooth-Particle Hydrodynamics method Ali Shafiei, Mohammad Dehghani July 05, 2019  
5 OMS-18-1870 Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Air Temperature Distribution Inside a Car Under Solar Load Condition SHYAM KUMAR M B, Bhargava Srusti May 03, 2019  
6 OMS-18-290 A Real-time Motion Tracking Wireless System for Upper Limb Exosuit Based on Inertial Measurement Units and Flex Sensors Oscar Avilés Sánchez, Mauricio Mauledoux Monroy, Carlos Rodriguez Guerrero, Steven Pastor, Cindy Rivera May 03, 2019  
7 OMS-18-1395 Air Plasma Sprayed Bond Coat Oxidation Behaviour and its Resistance to Isothermal and Thermal Shock Loading Esmaeil Poursaeidi, Kaveh Torkashvand, Maryam Mohammadi May 03, 2019  
8 OMS-18-502 Optimization of Control System of Petroleum Refinery Isomerization Unit by Plant-Wide Control (PWC) Principles Alireza Fazlali, Vahab Ghaleh Khondabi, Jamal Tavakoli, Mohsen Mahrouei May 03, 2019  
9 OMS-18-1600 Estimation of Punching Load of Concrete Slabs using Data Mining Techniques Yogesh Aggarwal, Paratibha Aggarwal, Parveen Sihag May 03, 2019  
10 OMS-18-1586 Cogging Torque Minimization of Sandwiched Stator Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor using Magnet Notching Technique Amit Patel, Bhavik Suthar May 03, 2019  
11 OMS-18-1718 Simulation and Experimental Study of Vibration and Noise of Pure Electric Bus Transmission Based on FEM and BEM Yulong Lei, Jianlong Hu, Yao Fu, Zongsheng Liu, Bo Yan May 02, 2019  
12 OMS-18-1794 Implementation of Optimal Load Balancing Strategy for Hybrid Energy Management System in DC/AC Microgrid with PV and Battery Storage Gavini Venkataramana Sagar May 02, 2019  
13 OMS-18-1962 Design of a high range, high efficiency spread spectrum transmitter for audio communication applications Sina Seifi, H. MiarNaimi May 02, 2019  
14 OMS-18-2187 An efficient secret sharing-based storage system for cloud-based IoTs Majid Farhadi Sangdehi, Reza Mortazavi, Hamideh Bypour May 02, 2019  
15 OMS-18-2220 Power Investigation and Optimization of a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Using Taguchi Approach Parisa Mojaver, Samad Jafarmadar, S. Khalil Arya, Ata Chitsaz May 02, 2019  
16 OMS-19-150 An Efficient Target Tracking Algorithm Based on Particle Filter and Genetic Algorithm Somayyeh Sadegh Moghadasi, Neda Faraji May 02, 2019  
17 OMS-19-226 Design and Fabrication of a Microwave Weed Killer Device for Weed Control Applications Hadi AliAkbarian, Meysam Behzadi, Saeed Dayari, Noushin Nezamabadi May 02, 2019  
18 OMS-19-233 Experimental investigation of sinusoidal shape tube during charging and discharging by using phase change materials in triplex-tube heat exchanger Mohammad Reza Assari, H. Basirat Tabrizi, Mohsen Parvar, Mohammad Alkasir Farhani May 02, 2019  
19 OMS-19-248 Control of nozzle flow using microjets at Supersonic Mach Regime Fharookh G M, S. A. Khan May 02, 2019  
20 OMS-19-273 Determination of Shock Standoff Distance for Wedge at Supersonic Flow Avinash Mishra, Ambareen Khan, Nurul Musfirah Mazlan May 02, 2019  
21 OMS-19-262 A Robust Approach for a Green Competitive Vehicle Routing Problem Solved by an Improved Differential Evolution Algorithm Reza Tavakkoli-Moghaddam, Mohammad Fallah, Alireza Salamatbakhsh, Mehdi Alinaghian April 21, 2019  

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