Modeling and Forecasting of Paraffin Settings on an Existing Extractive Fund of Oil Deposits

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Oil and Gas Technology, Perm National Research Polytechnic University, Perm, Russia


In the oil industry, the issue of controlling paraffin deposits remains relevant today. The most common way in the Perm Krai to remove paraffin is to lower the scrapers into the well.  This method is the main in the fight against paraffin deposits, but does not provide absolute protection. The least costly way to control paraffin is to use flushing with hot oil or water, but it does not always provide sufficient efficiency. Accordingly, for the selection of effective technology for each particular well, it is necessary to know the depth of wax deposition, the intensity and thickness of the formed layer. To solve this problem, modeling was performed in the OLGA software product of paraffin deposits in the wells of Perm Krai deposits. Based on the calculations performed in the OLGA software product, recommendations are given on choosing a method for removing paraffin deposits from the analyzed wells. The proposed measures for the removal of paraine deposits were implemented in the wells and showed significant efficiency. At three wells, a change in annulus pressure led to a decrease in foaming. The main problem was solved - paraffin in the annulus is not formed.