Implementation of Optimal Load Balancing Strategy for Hybrid Energy Management System in DC/AC Microgrid with PV and Battery Storage

Document Type : Original Article


1 Ravindra College of Engineering for Women, India

2 Haramaya University, Ethiopia


The proposed paper presents the DC/AC microgrid modeling using the Energy storage units and photovoltaic (PV) panels. The modal consists of a two stage power conversion. The power is supplied to the both DC and AC loads by this PV solar panels. The suitable way to explore the PV generation model is by using manufacturer datasheet. A bidirectional converter is connected to the battery storage system and dc bus. To keep the bus voltage stable, the storage system absorbs the excess power whenever generation is more and delivers power to the load when generation is less.  This system eliminates hazards of islanding by supply the local loads continuously incase of grid discontinuity. This paper emphasizes on control and stability of dc bus voltage and energy management scheme. Matlab/Simulink is used for integration of system modeling and efficiency of the system is verified by simulation.