Comprehensive Design Procedure and Manufacturing of Permanent Magnet Assisted Synchronous Reluctance Motor

Document Type : Original Article


1 Department of Power Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Shahid Beheshti, Tehran, Iran

2 Department of Energy Systems, Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Combining the main advantages of the permanent magnet synchronous motors and pure synchronous reluctance motors (SynRM), permanent magnet assisted synchronous reluctance motor (PMaSynRM) has been considered as a promising alternative to the conventional induction motors. In this paper, utilizing a macroscopic design parameter, called insulation ratio along the q-axis, and based on the magnetic reluctance concept, a simple and fast design procedure of synchronous reluctance motor is introduced. Then, the performance improvement of the machine by inserting the permanent magnets into the rotor body is investigated. After calculating the width of the magnetic flux barriers two dimensions Finite Element Method (FEM) analysis simulation of the designed motor is presented. Additionally, the performance characteristics of the designed motor such as torque producing capability and torque ripple are discussed. Furthermore, thermal analysis is conducted to determine the temperature distribution in the designed motor. Consequently, the prototype motor is fabricated and the experimental results are compared to the simulation results which validate the usefulness of the design method.