Experimental Comparison the Effect of Mn2O3 and Co3O4 Nano Additives on the Performance and Emission of SI Gasoline Fueled with Mixture of Ethanol and Gasoline


Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Urmia University, Urmia, Iran


In this paper, the use of gasoline combinations with ethanol and nano oxide particles has been studied in gasoline-based SI EF7 engines. The mixtures are prepared in five emulsions of gasoline with 10% ethanol, gasoline with 10% ethanol and 10ppm nano Mn2O3, gasoline with  10% ethanol and 20ppm nano Mn2O3, gasoline with 10% ethanol and 10ppm nano Co3O4, gasoline with  10% ethanol and 20ppm nano Co3O4. An ultrasonic cleaner device is used to obtain a homogeneous gasoline combination with ethanol and additives of  nano oxides  during the test. To measure the output power of the engine, the Eddy current dynamometer has been coupled to the engine and to determine the emissions, an AVL gas analyzer is used. The results indicate that ethanol addition by 10% lead to 2.6% increase in brake power (BP), but interestingly 10 ppm Mn2O3  nano-additive raise the BP to 14.38% and 20 ppm nano-additive led to 19.56% increase of BP. While the BP with 10ppm and 20ppm nano-additives of  Co3O4 has increased by 7.96% and 11.5%, respectively. With regard to emissions, ethanol presence with nano additives in the blend reduces CO, UHC, and NOx whereas increases CO2. The best blend is gasoline-10% ethanol-20ppm Mn2O3.