Energy and Exergy Analysis of a New Power, Heating, Oxygen and Hydrogen Cogeneration Cycle Based on the Sabalan Geothermal Wells


Department of Engineering, Urmia University, Urmia, Iran


In this paper, a new power, heating and hydrogen cogeneration cycle from Sabalan geothermal two wells is proposed and analyzed. In the proposed system, a new double flash cycle and organic Rankine cycle are used for power production. A proton exchange membrane (PEM) is also used for hydrogen production and the domestic water heater is used for heating. The impacts of some design parameters, such as separators pressures, evaporator temperature, pinch point temperature difference and PEM temperature on the integrated system performance are investigated and then optimization is done from exergy point of view for three considered scenarios. According to the optimization results, the value of heating, net output power, hydrogen production and thermal and exergy efficiencies of the cogeneration system are obtained as 15751 kW, 18436 kW, 11.13 kg/h, 29.48% and 65.23%, respectively.