A New Approach Applying Multi-objective Optimization using a Taguchi Fuzzy-based for Tourist Satisfaction Management


Mazandaran University of Science and Technology, Department of Industrial Engineering, Iran


The paper describes the usage of the fuzzy Mamdani analysis and Taguchi method to optimize the tourism satisfaction in Thailand. The fuzzy reasoning system is applied to pursue the relationships among the options of a tour company in order to be used in Taguchi experiments as the responses. In this research, tourism satisfaction is carried out using L18 Taguchi orthogonal arrays on parameters such as budget, duration, hotel-choices, travel-options inside the country and theme of the travel are analyzed for one output objective as satisfaction. The output of the fuzzy reasoning system is used as an input in the response of each experiment in Taguchi method. But, the improvement is used for the mean de-fuzzified output in the same experiment. The result is estimated using Taguchi-Fuzzy application and if companies focus on the selected options, it is most probable to achieve more than 90 percent of satisfaction.