Analysis of Aeolian Vibrations of Transmission Line Conductors and Extraction of Damper Optimal Placement with a Comprehensive Methodology


Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran


Energy balance method is an effective and simple method which is used in the amplitude calculation of Aeolian vibration in transmission lines with Stockbridge damper. However, the accuracy of the results obtained by this method, heavily depends on the assumed mode shapes of the conductor vibration. In this study, by considering an appropriate model for the conductor vibration, a comprehensive methodology is presented to calculate the steady-state vibration amplitude of a conductor with arbitrary number of dampers. In this proposed method, the effects of traveling waves, variations of amplitude and phase, boundary conditions (finite length of the conductor), as well as the effect of number, location and impedance of the dampers are taken into account. Natural frequencies, damping rates and complex mode shapes are also obtained from forming and solving the nonlinear eigenvalue problem. Using this method, the effects of the damper placement on the vibration amplitude and bending strain are examined to achieve an optimum damper location. The comparison of the obtained values shows that considering the above parameters has a significant effect on the accuracy of the results.