Fault Location on Compensated Transmission Lines without Current Measurement


Faculty of Engineering & Technology, University of Mazandaran, Babolsar, Iran


This paper presents a novel fault location method for series compensated transmission lines. It is established based on synchronized voltages sampling and Thevenin impedance from both ends of series compensated transmission line. The method is based on the use of phasor measurement units (PMU) technology which is aimed to be independent of current measurements, fault type, fault resistance, fault inception angle and line loading angle. This method includes two subroutines for the faults located on the right and left sides of series capacitor (SC). Lumped modeling is considered for compensated transmission line with SC equipped with metal oxide varistor (MOV) arrester. The nonlinear behavior of SC-MOV system is investigated in the analysis. Proposed current independent fault location algorithm has been thoroughly tested using signals taken from simulations. According to the results, the percentage errors for the fault distances estimation are in proper ranges.