Analyse Power Consumption by Mobile Applications Using Fuzzy Clustering Approach


Amity University Uttar Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, India


With the advancements in mobile technology and its utilization in every facet of life, mobile popularity has enhanced exponentially. The biggest constraint in the utility of mobile devices is that they are powered with batteries. Optimizing mobile’s size and weight is always the choice of designer, which led limited size and capacity of battery used in mobile phone. In this paper analysis of the energy consumption of some popular mobile apps is done using data mining technique. A large variety of mobile apps with differently functionality are executed on a smart phone. The power consumption of these apps is measured using Power Tutor. For holistic analysis these mobile apps are executed in different environment, which are created by varying the setting and internet facilities. Fuzzy Clustering approach is used to club the mobile apps based on similarity of the behaviour with respect to power consumption. Power consumption behaviour for each cluster and apps lying in overlapping zone is discussed in detail. The study gives the insight that power need of an app is dependent on the environment and code which can be used by app developers for creating an optimized energy app.