Design and Simulation of Hot Cathode Ionization Vacuum Gauge with no X-Ray Limitations


University of Urmia, Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Electronic department, Urmia, Iran


In this paper, the MEMS type ionization gauge with no X-Ray limitations has been presented. Having the dimensions of 2.4 mm× 0.8mm × 1.4 mm, the designed gauge is 9000 times smaller than the conventional type and can operate in HV and UHV pressures up to 5×10-9 torr. Operating at the temperature of 750°C, the cathode of proposed gauge is implemented using nickel and works in a way in which its temperature, independent of the peripheral gas pressure, remains constant throughout it. The total power consumption of the designed scheme is 430 times less than the conventional type. The electrical, thermal, mechanical, ionization collisions and elastic collisions have been performed using COMSOL5 program, and the output data from COMSOL were analyzed by MATLAB. The simulation results have been employed in implementation of cathode and other parts’ dimensions and based on these results the sensitivity factor of 0.2 1/torr was obtained.