Investigation on Equivalent Trans-utilization Mode and Benefit of Wind Energy


1 Skill Training Center of Sichuan Electric Power Corporation of State Grid, Chengdu, China

2 Sichuan Provincial Key Lab. of Intelligent Electric Power Grid, Sichuan University, Chengdu, China


For economic benefit of wind power generation, the equivalent conversion relationships and models between the different “quality” energy are studied deeply in the conversion processes of wind energy. Considering the effect of load demand characteristics and energy supply price on the wind energy utilization mode comprehensively, the multi-objective trans-utilization optimization model of wind energy is established, which the objections are both the maximum wind energy utilization ratio and comprehensive operational benefit of the energy consumption systems. Then, the quantum-behaved particle swarm optimization method is used to solve the model. By contrast to the traditional unitary energy supply mode, the results showed that the proposed models can improve the wind energy comprehensive utilization rate, and increase energy selling benefit of the energy supply system. The rationality and superiority of models are verified, and that provides a new idea for the large-scale develop and utilize wind energy.