A High Gain and Forward Body Biastwo-stage Ultra-wideband Low Noise Amplifier with Inductive Feedback in 180 nm CMOS Process


1 Electrical Engineering, Mazandaran University of Sience and Technology

2 Engineering and Technology, University of Mazandaran

3 Electrical & Electronic Engineering, University of Mazandaran


This paper presents a two-stage low-noise ultra-wideband amplifier to obtain high and smooth gain in 180nm CMOS Technology. The proposed structure has two common source stages with inductive feedback. First stage is designed about 3GHz frequency and second stage is designed about 8GHz. In simulation, symmetric inductors of TSMC 0.18um CMOS technology in ADS software is used.Simulations results show high and relatively smooth S21 equal to 18.674±1.38dB, noise figure of less than 3.7dB, power consumption of 14.6mW with 1.2v supply voltage and suitable matching at the input (S11