Analysis of Bacterial Contaminant in Pasir Gudang, Johor Tap Water Supply–Varies pH Value Observation


1 Control and Mechatronics, University Teknologi Malaysia, UTM

2 Faculty of Electerical Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia


The number of breakthrough pathogenic activity in water distribution network system is constantly increasing day by day especially at level of consumption. Bacterial growth or survival rate often relates to acidity and alkalinity of water. Sudden changes in pH value and temperature indicates a possibility of present bacterial contaminant in aqueous environment. The observation of pH- and temperature-based for tap water supply samples in Pasir Gudang regions therefore was determined. On the basis of the findings, the observed pH value was compared to the recommended range for pH tap and drinking water, which is between 6.5-8.5. A significant spread can be seen among the measured parameters within the range of pH and temperature at 6.00 to 8.65 and 19.20 to 32.00 °C, respectively. There is a statistically significant difference between each sampling regions based on the measured pH value (  44.79,  determined by one-way ANOVA. The pH value and temperature evidence a significant effects by the location of tap water samples near industrial regions. There also appears to be a negative Pearson correlation between the two water parameters in four out of five regions.