Analysis and Evaluation of Privacy Protection Behavior and Information Disclosure Concerns in Online Social Networks


, K. N.Toosi University of Technology


Online Social Networks (OSN) becomes the largest infrastructure for social interactions like: making relationship, sharing personal experiences and service delivery. Nowadays social networks have been widely welcomed by people. Most of the researches about managing privacy protection within social networks sites (SNS), observes users as owner of their information. However, individuals cannot control their privacy and it’s been controlled by groups. Using OSNs is making concerns about privacy related to online personal data. According to number of studies, till now so many efforts has been done to protect confidentiality and security of data on social networks, but it seems that understanding the concept of privacy protection is too essential for people. The purpose of this article is to analyze tools and algorithms that proceed concerns about privacy protection and data security situation in social networks among adults, adolescents and children. These statistical tools and algorithms, analyze collected data. The results of this literature review showed that most distribution of these articles in this case are related to 2014. Furthermore, survey method was most current of collecting information in these researches.