Investigation of the Fractional Composition Effect of the Carbonate Weighting Agents on the Rheology of the Clayless Drilling Mud


1 Oil and Gas, Saint Petersburg Mining University

2 Well Drilling, Saint-Petersburg Mining University

3 Electromechanical, Saint Petersburg Mining University


The article considers the issue of reducing the influence of clayless mud components on the filtration parameters of the reservoir. In the composition of such solutions, calcium carbonate of various fractions is often added as a weighting and colmatizing additive. It is generally accepted that weighting bridging agents are sufficiently inert substances and their addition does not affect the rheological parameters of drilling fluids. Assessment of the fractional composition effect of carbonate weighting agents on the structural-rheological parameters of the biopolymer drilling mud used for drilling productive reservoirs was made in the paper. Six types of carbonate weighting agents with an average particle size of 5 to 150 μm were evaluated during the study. Rheological curves were constructed and the obtained results are analyzed. Also the article reviews four main methods for selecting fractional composition of the weighting agents. doi: 10.5829/ije.2018.31.07a.21