Parametric Optimization of Electro Spark Microwelding of Aluminum Clad Steel (RESEARCH NOTE)


1 School of Materials Science and Engineering, University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia

2 Department of Materials Engineering, University of Tabriz

3 Materials Engineering, University of Tabriz


The feasibility and parameters optimization of AA5183 aluminum cladding on AISI 1018 steel by electro spark microwelding (ESM) and the corrosion resistance of the clad plate were investigated. The optimum conditions were found as 15 A, 10%, 800 Hz and 2500 rpm for P, D, F and R factors, respectively. Confirmation test under optimum conditions showed that the model can be effectively used to predict the corrosion resistance of the aluminum clad steel. It appeared that higher cooling rates in the ESM process reduced the formation of detrimental precipitates owing to high intrinsic mutual affinity of Al and Fe. Excessive increase in the cooling rates was found to have a correlation to crack formation and reduced the corrosion resistance. Corrosion resistance of AA5183 aluminum clad AISI 1018 steel samples fabricated by ESM was a result of a compromise between the cooling rate and crack formation considerations in the clad.