An Accurate 2D Analytical Model for Transconductance to Drain Current ratio (gm/Id) for a Dual Halo Dual Dielectric Triple Material Cylindrical Gate All Around MOSFETs


Amity University Haryana, Gurugram, India


A dual-halo dual-dielectric triple-material cylindrical-gate-all-around/surrounding gate (DH-DD-TM-CGAA/SG) MOSFET has been proposed and an analytical model for the transconductance-to-drain current ratio (TDCR) has been developed. It is verified that incorporation of dual-halo with dual-dielectric and triple-material results in enhancing the device performance in terms of improved TDCR. The effect on TDCR is analyzed for variations in device parameters like oxide thickness, silicon thickness, channel doping concentration, channel length and drain bias.The results show that larger value of gm/Id can be obtained in proposed device in comparison to other existing triple material structures which makes it suitable for micropower applications. The analytical results of the developed gm/Id model strongly agrees with the simulated results obtained from TCAD Silvaco.