Study of Volumetric Flow Rate of a Micropump Using a Non-classical Elasticity Theory


1 Mechanical Engineering , Tabriz university

2 Electrical Engineering, Urmia University

3 mechanical engineering, Urmia university


The purpose of this research is to study the mechanical behavior of a micropump with clamped circular diaphragm which is the main component of drug delivery systems. In this paper, the non-linear governing equations of the circular microplate using Kirchhoff thin plate theory was been extracted based on the modified couple stress (MCST) and classical (CT) theories. Then, the non-linear equation of static deflection is solved using Step-by-Step Linearization Method (SSLM) in order to escape the nonlinearity of the differential equation and Galerkin-based reduced-order model is applied to investigate the dynamic motion of the microplate. Afterwards, static and dynamic stabilities of the micropump have been studied based on both MCST and CT, then compared. Also, volumetric flow rate of the micropump was been delved based on both theories and in entire research, presence of the length scale parameter in modified couple stress theory brings this opportunity to study the size effect on the mechanical behavior of the micropump.