Evaluation of Biogas as an Alternative Driving Force of Electrically Operated Vehicles: A Case Study


Mechanical Engineering, Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology


In the present world, energy is indispensable for maintaining the comfort level and living standard of the human. On the other hand, the energy crisis is a major problem in most of the developing countries like Bangladesh. A possible reason is that, the decreasing level of conventional energy sources and the lack of initiatives for introducing the alternative sources of energy. Moreover, the inefficient and illegal way of using energy contributes to the energy crisis. In this study, the present scenario of the electricity generation and its usage in Bangladesh has been investigated. It appears that the increasing amount of battery operated vehicles and their demand for electricity is one of the main reason for energy deficit in the country. The biogas technology as a potential renewable source of energy could be proved as an efficient solution to the energy crisis. For the further studies, a feasibility study is carried out showing that the biogas technology is economically feasible for producing electricity. Moreover, environmental effects, social benefits, and challenges for setting up a biogas plant have been evaluated.