A Novel Method for Modeling and Simulation of Asymmetrical Impedance-source Converters


Faculty of Electrical , Department of Electrical, Hakim Sabzevari University, Sabzevar ,Iran,


Z-Source converter or impedance-source converter is a kind of power converters, which has the responsibility to convert the direct current to alternative current. This converter with respect to its circuit diagram acts as a buck-boost converter except it doesn’t use from DC-DC converter bridge. Γ-source inverters are one of the conventional converters based on impedance-sources; which have been under considerations of professionals at power industries due to enhanced features. These features are contained boost of output voltage level, low number of active and passive elements and low requirement to achieve the high turn's ratio of coupling transformer. This paper dealt with the survey and modeling of gamma power source systems. In this regard, the first dynamic model of converter can be extracted by writing power balance equations. In addition, with the help of dynamic equations converter performance, analysis functionality will be available in various working conditions. Finally, the strategy of proper functioning will be provided for improving the performance of the converter.