Determining of Geotechnical Domain Based on Joint Density and Fault Orientation at Batu Hijau Mine,West Sumbawa-Indonesia (TECHNICAL NOTE)


1 Geological Engineering, Padjadjaran University

2 Geological Engineering, Universitas Padjadjaran


The research area is located at Batu Hijau Mine – PT Amman Mineral Nusa Tenggara, administratively located at the southwestern of Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara Province – Indonesia. The research area is controlled by tectonism in accordance to close with the active tectonic plate at southern part of this island. The presence of the active tectonic regime causes of the rich deposit of ore mineralization and intensive of geological structure in this region. The study was focused on how to develop geotechnical domain which is an important aspect for developing of open pit mine design. The data collecting methods are obtaining by the window and scanline geotechnical mapping in line with excavation stage to execute pit slope design. The research result shows that the geological information is very useful to determine the geotechnical domain. It can be used for guidance on developing pit slope design parameter in open pit mining, and other geotechnical purpose such as defining probability of failure, slope movement guidance, and risk assessment.