A 3D Numerical and Empirical Study on the Effects of Injection Pressure and Temperature on the Quality of Produced Mold


1 mechanical Engineering, Tafresh University

2 Mecanical Engineering, Tafresh University


Plastic injection is a method in which, with using an extruder in granules, plastic is injected in a hole with high pressure. Because of meeting the two flow fronts in this process welding line will be made. Along the welding line the strength of produced part is low; therefore the position of welding line and its clarity are very important. In this paper, analyzes have been done with Fluent and Mold Flow softwares. In addition, verification of these analyzes have been done with practical experiments in order to study the effect of injection pressure and temperature on the welding line and its clarity. The materials used in these experiments are ABS and PP. Results show that applying different injection pressure and temperatures affects the strength of the produced part.