Stability and Robust Performance Analysis of Fractional Order Controller over Conventional Controller Design



2 Elecctrical Engineering, SunRise University


In this paper, a new comparative approach has been proposed for reliable controller design. Scientists and engineers are often confronted with the analysis, design, and synthesis of real-life problems. The first step in such studies is the development of a 'mathematical model' which can be considered as a substitute for the real problem. The mathematical model is used here as a plant. Fractional integrals and derivatives have found wide application in the control of dynamical systems when the controlled system and the controller are described by a set of fractional order differential equations. Here the stability of fractional order system is checked at the different level and it is found that the stability region is large in the complex plane. This large stability region provides the more flexibility for system implementation in the control engineering. Generally, an analytically or experimentally approaches are used for designing the controller. If a fractional order controller design approach used for a given plant then the controlled parameter gives the better result.