Optimal Locating and Sizing of Unified Power Quality Conditioner- phase Angle Control for Reactive Power Compensation in Radial Distribution Network with Wind Generation


1 Electrical Engineering, Islamic Azad University of Semnan

2 Electrical Engineering, Islamic Azad University of Damghan

3 Electrical and Computer Engineering, Semnan University


In this article, a multi-objective planning is demonstrated for reactive power compensation in radial distribution networks with wind generation via unified power quality conditioner (UPQC). UPQC model, based on phase angle control (PAC), is used. In presented method, optimal locating of UPQC-PAC is done by simultaneous minimizing of objective functions such as: grid power loss, percentage of nodes with voltage drop, and capacity of UPQC. The proposed model is a complicated non-linear optimization problem. For introducing group of non-dominated solutions, a multi-objective grey wolf optimizer (MOGWO) algorithm based on probabilistic load flow is used, then a fuzzy sets theory is used to achieve the best response. In order to evaluate reliability of mentioned approach, simulation is done on 33-bus distribution network.