Evaluation of Project Critical Success Factors for Key Construction Players and Objectives


Civil Engineering, Semnan University


Critical Success Factors (CSFs) are used to support and evaluate the success of a strategic and tactical approach in project implementation in order to increase the probability of success. This system is used by executors in project delivery to achieve improved performance capabilities with limited resources. The present paper aims to identify the impact of CSFs amongst the main elements involved in construction industry of projects in Iran (Owner, Contractor, and Consultant). Therefore, 41 CSFs-related indices based on present research conditions in Iran were selected and classified into five major categories: (1) Financial, (2) Interactive Processes, (3) Human Resources, (4) Contractual Arrangements, and (5) Project Characteristics. To analyze the CSFs of project, the required data were collected by questionnaire based on randomized sampling method by project managers, chief executive officers, and experts of construction industry of Owners, Contractors, and Consultant who have working experience in major projects in Iran. The results indicated that indices related to human resources group from the point of view of Owners and Contractors as well as the indices related to financial and project participants from the point of view of Consultant are the main success priorities in projects. Moreover, the indices of “adequacy of plans and specifications” and “Project manager competency” were elected indices common in previous and present studies. The results of this study will provide the project managers with practical solutions in order to benefit the findings as guidelines for CSFs formation according to Construction projects in Iran.