Improvement of Cement Properties Using a Single Multi-functional Polymer


1 Well Drilling, Saint-Petersburg Mining University

2 Well drilling, Saint-Petersburg Mining University


Cementing of the casing pipes inside the wellbore is considered as one of the most expensive and difficult operations during the well construction process. A low quality cementing job leads to further repair operations, which are usually costly and time-consuming to conduct. Polymer cements are being used for decades in the oil and gas industry due to their improved properties such as sedimentation stability, flexural strength and adhesion. Furthermore, these cements are characterized by improved pore structure, decreased slurry density, decreased porosity and controllable rheological parameters. In this research, a single domestic polymer is added as a cement modifying agent. Domestic additive are easier to buy in the market and are usually cheaper than the imported additives. In addition, using a single additive leads to a simplified logistics operation. Results of the experimental investigations on the main properties of the developed cement systems show that using the proposed polymer in the proper concentration leads to an optimum flow-ability and pump-ability of the slurry, reduced cement water loss, increased strength characteristics and improved adhesion properties of the set cement.