Design and Development of High Gain, Low Profile and Circularly Polarized Cavity-backed Slot Antennas Using High-order Modes of Square Shaped Substrtae Integrated Waveguide Resonator


Electrical engineering, Ferdowsi univ. of Mashhad


In In this paper, two low profile, single fed cavity backed slot antennas providing a circularly polarized (CP) wave are introduced. One of the antennas presents a right-handed CP (RHCP) wave, while the other one offers a left handed CP (LHCP) wave. The proposed antennas consist of a square shaped Substrtae Integrated Waveguide (SIW) cavity incorporatng two couples of radiating slots to radiate two field components with 90° phase difference far from the antennas. A single layer of printed circuit board (PCB) process is employed for both antennas to provide low cost, light weight and also to be compatible with planar circuits. An inset feed line is used to excite two orthogonal modes including TE120 and TE210 with suitable phase difference for generating CP wave. Antenna structures is numerically evaluated using High Frquency Structure Simulator (HFSS) and a prototype of RHCP antenna is fabricated and its radiation charateristics including reflection coefficient, gain, Axial Ratio (AR) and radiation patterns are reported.