Hopping Conductivity in Single Crystals (Cd0.6Zn0.32Mn0.08)3As2 (RESEARCH NOTE)


1 Laboratory of Kinetic Phenomena in a solid at low , Ioffe Institute Russia

2 Department of Mathematics and Physics, Lappeenranta University of Technology

3 Department of General Mathematics, Belgorod State National Research University

4 Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineerin, University of Asia Pacific

5 Department of General and Applied Physics, Belgorod State National Research University

6 Department of Materials Science and Nanotechnology, Belgorod State National Research University


The growth processes of Tetragonal single crystals of solid solution (Cd0.6Zn0.32Mn0.08)3As2, space group P42/nmc, has been synthesized by Bridgman method. Conductivity and magnetoresistance of (Cd0.6Zn0.32Mn0.08)3As2 were measured in the range 1.6K to 300K and in magnetic field up to 25 T. Crossover from Mott variable-range-hopping conductivity mechanism close to helium temperatures. In this work, we  found the width of the coulomb D = 0.21 meV and a rigid gap δ = 0.026 meV in the density of localized states, concentration and localization radius of charge carriers.