Modeling and Analysis of Outrigger Reaction Forces of Hydraulic Mobile Crane (TECHNICAL NOTE)


Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineerin, Kunming University of Science and Technology


This paper presents an original interactive analysis method consisting of mathematical calculation based on theoretical mechanics and mechanics of materials, and dynamics simulation for quantifying outrigger reaction forces of a kind of hydraulic mobile crane, aiming to avoid the eventualities during normal operation as far as possible, for example, tipping-over. First, a three dimensional dynamic model is established and the statically indeterminate problem of mechanics of materials is employed in the mathematical calculation. Then, the multi body dynamics simulation is investigated and the corresponding force-time curves are generated simultaneously. Finally, the validity of the proposed method is proven by comparing the amplitudes of the two kind of force-time plots upon the model. Thus, the bearing load of the crane can be limited to a feasible range for static stability or avoiding outriggers collapse.