An Effective Image Demosaicking Algorithm with Correlations among RGB Channels


1 Department of Electronic Engineering, Shandong University

2 Department of Computer, Shandong University


In this paper, an effective image demosaicking algorithm, which is based on the correlation among the three primary colors, is proposed for mosaic image with Bayer color filter array (CFA). To reduce the distortion and improve the reconstruction quality, the proposed interpolation method makes full use of the brightness information and the edge information. We design several filters with size of 5×5, 3×5, and 5×3 firstly, and then improve the bilinear algorithm with a correction value. Simulations on 24 Kodak photos demonstrate that our proposed method outperforms the other two methods in average composite peak signal-to-noise ratio (CPSNR) and visual perception. The biggest advantage of the proposed method is that it fully utilizes the correlation among RGB channels.