Research on Safety Risk of Dangerous Chemicals Road Transportation Based on Dynamic Fault Tree and Bayesian Network Hybrid Method (TECHNICAL NOTE)


1 Institute of System Engineering, School of Managem, Xi’an University of Architecture & Technology

2 Institute of System Engineering, School of Managem, XiÂ’an University of Architecture & Technology


Safety risk study on road transportation of hazardous chemicals is a reliable basis for the government to formulate transportation planning and preparing emergent schemes, but also is an important reference for safety risk managers to carry out dangerous chemicals safety risk managers. Based on the analysis of the transport safety risk of dangerous chemicals at home and abroad, this paper studied four main factors influencing the safety risk of road transportation. In order to study the reliability of the whole road transport system and take into account the dynamic changes of the safety risk, this paper presents the dynamic fault tree and Bayesian network hybrid method to identify and evaluate the dynamic safety risk of the road transportation of dangerous chemicals. Finally, the feasibility of the model is verified by the case study of road transportation of liquefied natural gas in a real enterprise.