Image Enhancement Using an Adaptive Un-sharp Masking Method Considering the Gradient Variation


Faculty of Engineering, University of Mazandaran


Technical limitations in image capturing usually impose defective, such as contrast degradation. There are different approaches to improve the contrast of an image. Among the exiting approaches, un-sharp masking is a popular method due to its simplicity in implementation and computation. There is an important parameter in un-sharp masking, named gain factor, which affects the quality of the enhanced image. In this paper, a new adaptive un-sharp masking method is proposed. In the proposed method gradient variation of the image is used to estimate the gain factor for un-sharp masking. Gradient variation of an image can provide information about the image contrast. Subjective and objective image quality assessments are used to compare the performance of the proposed method both with the classic and the recently developed un-sharp masking methods. The experimental results show the superiority of the proposed method compared to the existing methods in image enhancing using un-sharp masking.