A New Extended Analytical Hierarchy Process Technique with Incomplete Interval-valued Information for Risk Assessment in IT Outsourcing


1 Department of Productivity and System Management, Sharif University of Technology

2 Department of Industrial Engineering and Managemen, Amirkabir University of Technology


Information technology (IT) outsourcing has been recognized as a new methodology in many organizations. Yet making an appropriate decision with regard to selection and use of these methodologies may impose uncertainties and risks. Estimating the occurrence probability of risks and their impacts organizations goals may reduce their threats. In this study, an extended analytical hierarchical process method is tailored based on interval-valued hesitant fuzzy information to assess the risks in IT outsourcing. In the proposed approach, the weight of each decision maker is implemented in process of the proposed method by considering the concept of simple additive weighting method to decrease the judgment errors. In addition, the opinions of each decision maker about the risks of IT outsourcing under the conflicted attributes are aggregated in final step of the proposed procedure to reduce the data loss. Indeed, this paper proposes a new extended interval-valued hesitant fuzzy final aggregation analytical hierarchical process by considering the decision makers' importance. Finally, an adopted case study in ISACO corporation as the largest spare parts deliverer in Iran is considered to indicate the process implementation of the proposed approach. In this respect, the risks and their factors in the domain of IT outsourcing are identified based on experts’ judgments. Therefore, the achieved ranking results indicate that the proposed approach could deal with group decision-making problem as a reliable manner.