Turbofan Engine Performance under Reliability Measures Approach


1 Mechanical Engineering, 3Graphic Era University

2 Mathematics, Lovely Professional University

3 Department of Mathematics, Graphic Era University, Dehradun-248002


In this paper, the authors investigated the various factors, which can affect the performance of a turbofan engine. For this, the various subunits of a turbofan engine like inlet duct, compressor, combustion chamber, liner, turbine, exhaust nozzle etc. are investigated to find its various reliability characteristics through Markov process and supplementary variable technique (SVT). The main advantage of this paper is that through the work one can identify exactly and accurately the factors/units, which mostly influence the performance of a turbofan engine. After investigation, it is concluded that the mean time to failure of angle of attack more frequently occurs throughout the operation of turbofan engine. In addition, it is analyzed that it is more sensitive with respect to the failure rate of inlet duct. Result shows that in order to optimize expected profit the maintenance team must control the service cost of various parts failure of the turbofan engine.