Design and Experimentation of Roll Bond Evaporator for Room Air Conditioner with R-22 as Refrigerant


1 Mechanical Engineering, Deccan College of Engineering and Technology

2 Mechanical Engineering, Osmania University


The world is looking towards producing products which consume less power without compromising on quality of life. The increase in use of refrigeration and air conditioning appliances are contributing to global warming. The world wide temperatures are shooting up at an increasing rate. This paper presents a design of roll bond evaporator as the heat exchanger to provide cooling in room air conditioner. Presently all room air conditioners use tube and fin evaporators. This study presents roll bond evaporator as a power saving alternative to tube and fin evaporator. The experimentation has been done and comparative study of roll bond evaporator with that of tube and fin evaporator is presented. It was found out that while the tube and fin evaporator took 30 minutes to get a uniform temperature of 25 ºC in the room, the roll bond evaporator took only 25 minutes to get that uniform temperature, thereby saving 5 minutes of running of air conditioner.