Computational Fluid Dynamic- Two Fluid Model Study of Gas-Solid Heat Transfer in a Riser with Various Inclination Angles


1 chemical engineering, amirkabir university of technology

2 Chemical engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology


A two fluid model (TFM) was used to study gas-solid heat transfer in a riser with different inclination angles. A two dimensional pipe with 5.8 cm internal diameter and 5 meter length was chosen.  Effect of bed angle and solid particles feed rate were studied on the heat transfer behavior of gas and solid particles. Obtained results from simulation are compared with the experimental data in the relevant literature. Heat transfer behavior of phases is different in an inclined pipe in comparison with vertical and horizontal pipes. It is found that higher air-solid Nusselt number, air temperature difference and particle temperature difference take place at the pipe with inclination angle equal to 45 degrees. Loading ratio enhancement increases gas temperature differences. At lower and higher loading ratio, particles temperature differences decreases and increases respectively with loading ratio enhancement.