The Effect of Tuned Mass Damper on Seismic Response of Building Frames with Uncertain Structural Characteristics


structure, IIEES


Tuned mass dampers (TMDs) could be used to absorb the input energy of the applied load, and reduce the response of the building frames. However, the effectiveness of TMD in reducing the response of the building frames could be affected by inherited uncertainties in the structural characteristics of the frames. In this study, in order to investigate the probabilistic response of steel moment-resisting frames equipped with TMDs, variation in the failure probability of the structurehasbeen studiedthrough cumulative damage representative for the stories of the structure.The damage representative of each story has been calculated from the cumulative damage indexof the structural elements, based on the weighted average approach. Although the response of the deterministic model of the structure could be reduced by installing TMD, the results of the numerical simulation son the probabilistic response of the structures indicate that for the records that cause excessive damage in the stories of the structures, the effect of the TMD on failure probability of the structure could be detrimental.