Oxidative Coupling of Methane to Ethylene Over Sodium Promoted Manganese Oxide


Industrial Engineering, National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC)


Manganese oxide catalyst promoted with sodium and supported on silica exhibits fairly good activity and selectivity towards the synthesis of ethylene from methane at the optimum operating conditions. Methane and oxygen were fed into a tubular fixed bed reactor packed with catalyst under atmospheric pressure. The effects of temperature, residence time and feed composition on conversion, selectivity and yield were investigated. Ethane and ethylene (C­2 compound) were obtained with 33% selectivity at a 43% conversion of CH4 over 3cc of 5 Wt% Na-promoted Mn2O3 at 83 ْ C. In this reaction system both the C2 selectivity and CH4 conversion increased with an increase in reaction temperature up to 830ْC.