Numerical Analysis of Grease Film Characteristics in Tapered Roller Bearing Subject to Shaft Deflection

Document Type : Original Article


School of Mechatronical Engineering, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi’an 710072, China


The shaft deflection is one of critical factors that deteriorate the grease lubrication state inside the tapered roller bearings (TRBs). So, in this paper, on the premise of the TRB subjected to the combined loads and the shaft is deflected, the grease lubrication model at the TRB contacts was constructed, in which the interaction loads, linear and angular displacements of the bearing parts were involved. Then the grease film characteristics were numerically analyzed from the perspective of the whole bearing to clarify the negative effects of the shaft deflection on grease film characterizes. The results show that the effect of the shaft deflection on the load distribution in the absence of the radial load is greater than that in the presence of the radial load. The angular misalignment of the roller is mainly affected by the deflection. The deflection results in an irregular film shape and pressure profile at the TRB contacts, and induces a significant pressure spike and necking feature at the roller-end.