Treatment the Collapse Problem of Gypseous Soil by Nanomaterials

Document Type: Original Article


Investigation of the effect of using nanomaterials for improving and Stabilizing the gypseous soil was carried out using laboratory works. The gypseous soils were collected from a site of intake in Bahar Al-Najaf and mixed with two types of nanomaterials (Nano-silica and, Nano-clay) where the nanomaterials were added in small amounts as a percent of the dry weight of the soil sample. Tests to determine the sieve analysis, specific gravity, and collapse potential were performed. The results of the experimental work showed significant modification in the geotechnical properties of the soil sample. The collapse potential decreases as soon as the used nanomaterials were increased until they reach a percentage after which the collapse potential will be increased. Thus, the addition of nanomaterials, even at a low percentage, could improve the properties of gypseous soil. When adding the Nano-silica to the soil, the collapse potential (CP) is decreased whenever the Nano-silica increases until 1% of the added nanomaterials and then further stabilizer increases the (CP), the percent of decrease in CP is about 91% where the effect of the additive (Nano-silica) changes the classification of severity of collapse from “Moderate trouble” case to “No problem” case.