Assessment of Changes in Shear Strength Parameters for Soils below Circular Machine Foundation

Document Type: Original Article


This paper focuses on the response of circular machine foundation resting on different soils (sand and clay) through studying the variation of soil shear strength parameters and strain with the number of cycles. The objective of the current study is to explore the results related to the parameters of the dynamic load (number of loading cycles and frequency of load) related to the circular footing of a machine on the dynamic shear strength parameters (for sand soil (ϕ˚dyn) and for clay soil (Cudyn)) in addition to the amplitude strain foundation. A special setup was designed and manufactured to simulate the vertical vibration of a circular machine foundation. A steel circular machine foundation with a diameter of 150 mm was used to represent the footing. A total of 6 cases were examined to take into account the effects of different parameters including different frequencies (0.5, 1, and 2 Hz); state of sand (medium and dense) which corresponded to relative densities of (50 and 80%), while the state of clay (medium and stiff) corresponded to undrained shear strengths (50 and 70 kPa). All tests were carried out under load amplitude of 2.5 kN. It was found that the rate of increase in shear strength parameters for the soil under a circular machine foundation decreases remarkably when increasing the frequency for both types of soil under the footing. While little change in the shear strength parameters, or even no change was observed under the effect of other locations.