Bandwidth and Delay Optimization by Integrating of Software Trust Estimator with Multi-User Cloud Resource Competence

Document Type: Original Article


Trust Establishment is one of the significant resources to enhance the scalability and reliability of resources in the cloud environment. To establish a novel trust model on SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud resources and to optimize the resource utilization of multiple user requests, an integrated software trust estimator with multi-user resource competence (IST-MRC) optimization mechanism is proposed in this paper. IST-MRC optimization mechanism combines its trustworthy properties with optimal resource allocation, on the requisition of the software apps, without any traffic occurrence in the cloud environment. Initially, a behavior trust estimator is developed in the IST-MRC mechanism to measure the trust value of the software service zone. The trust value is estimated, based on Software Availability Rate, Hit Rate, and User Feedback regarding the specific software apps. Next, the resources are optimized to multiple users using competence optimization. The competence optimization in the IST-MRC mechanism computes the processor speed, bandwidth, and latency to handle the varied traffic conditions on the multiple user requests. Experiments are conducted to measure and evaluate factors, such as Successful Request Handles, Resource Utilization Efficiency, Latency Time, and Trust Success Ratio on the multiple users.