A New Optimization of Segmented Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Based on Increasing Flux Weakening Range and Output Torque (Research Note)

Document Type : Original Article


Electrical engineering department, Tafresh University, Tafresh, Iran


In this paper a new optimization function for increasing the flux weakening range and output torque value of segmented interior permanent magnet synchronous motor (SIPMSM) is presented. In proposed objective function normalized characteristic current and saliency ratio are considered as two optimization variables during optimization process. The focus of this paper is rotor structure design such as PM segmentation technique and new flux barrier design. Increasing the constant power speed range (CPSR) of SIPMSM is done by minimization of characteristic current. This minimization leads to decreasing the output torque therefore in this paper using maximization of saliency ratio, this problem during optimization process will overcomed. For calculation resource reduction a detailed design of PM segmented and flux barriers configuration in rotor structure is carried out by simplified magnetic equivalent circuit of SIPMSM. The output results of proposed magnetic equivalent circuit which is contained PM flux linkage and dq inductances, are verified by Finite Element Method. Simulation results demonstrate that the CPSR of optimized SIPMSM has been doubled and its  output torque has been increased related to the typical design.