Dynamic Meshing Characteristics of Elliptic Cylinder Gear Based on Tooth Contact Analysis

Document Type : Original Article


School of Mechanical and Electronical Engineering, Lanzhou University of Technology, Lanzhou, China


As the most important working area of gear, teeth play the role of transmitting load and power. Tooth line and tooth profile are the two main characteristics of the tooth surface, which affect the shape of the tooth surface, tooth meshing characteristics and contact characteristics. Taking the elliptical cylinder gear pair in the reversing device of a new type of drum pumping unit as the research object, the dynamic meshing process of the gear is simulated by LS-PREPOST software based on loaded tooth contact analysis (LTCA) technology. The distribution law of the effective plastic strain, effective stress and tooth surface pressure in the direction of the tooth line and tooth profile as well as the tooth meshing force under different speed conditions are obtained. The results show that the effective plastic strain, effective stress and tooth surface pressure will decrease with the transition of the center position of the elliptical contact area on the tooth surface to both sides. The distribution of stress and strain in the direction of tooth line will change with the location of the teeth, and the rotational speed has a certain influence on the meshing force of the teeth. The results of this research can provide a theoretical basis for the subsequent analysis of the dynamic meshing characteristics and modification of non-circular gear.